Why Membership Matters

Biblical Membership

Why do we have membership? Simple, regardless of how modern culture looks at
and misunderstands it, membership is not just an opportunity to be part of a club,
but rather an expression of scriptural connectivity to a body of like-minded believers.
To understand why church membership is biblical and important, lets consider the
following reasons.

  • 1. Community is a biblical principle.

In Paul’s letters to the church at Corinth, we find scripture teaches that we can be
a part of the body, and we can be apart from the body. It is difficult to get around
Scripture when it talks about being brought into and also being put out of the body.
Yet in many churches today, membership is simply “showing up on Sunday”. The
New Testament clearly shows that a church without some recognition of belonging in
a community is unacceptable. People need membership commitment because they
need to be connected to a Christian community.

  • 2. Church Membership helps people grow.

Biblical membership matters because it provides an avenue for people to grow and
mature in their faith. People need to be connected to a Christian community, not just
for individual growth and accountability, but for the benefit of the church as a whole.
Individualist Christianity is a damaging pursuit and a total fabrication of the truth.
As redeemed people, we have have placed in the body of Christ transferred from the
darkness into the kingdom of light. A kingdom has a king and subjects forms a
community where we function as God’s people. When we are born again God makes
us a part of his larger family expecting us to come together with a local body, agreeing
to live by certain established godly principles and standards.
Membership doesn’t save us, it helps to enable us.

  • 3. Membership is a reflection of the church.

Membership creates a mirror image of the community that exists within a body of
believers, but too often we live as if we are separated from that body. There are too
many churches or Christian gatherings that resemble independent thinking body
parts, not a tightly knit together group acting as God’s agents, representing his
kingdom, at work in the world. Rejecting the facts of membership is to deny what God
has already established.

Two words, membership matters!